Greetings!  Welcome to My Fuel and Fitness Diaries.  Some of you followed my 50 day clean eating challenge where I was blogging formerly at Eat Clean Eat Real.  Well, as much as I want to continue to eat clean (and lets say Ive been slipping again) I wanted a name to reflect my love of fitness as well.

So this blog has no “rules,” and Im sure I will do some challenges along the way again.  But I just want a place to record my love of healthy food and workout adventures.  Since I sort of fell off the blogging bandwagon the past few weeks Im realizing that my blog was a great way to stay accountable.  I like helping people stay active and eat well, and blogging is an outlet for that.

Speaking of challenges, Im currently doing the nHerShoes “Summer Shred.” There is a wonderful group of ladies doing this “shred” and we are sent workouts and meal plans each week.  As much as I know about fitness sometimes it is nice to have someone else tell me what to do!  Im only doing half of the workouts since the other days Im running (the limited amount I can) or doing other cardio.  The cardio focused workouts look super fun, lots of body weight exercises and plyometrics….but my back is just not quite ready for that much jumping.  But Im going to keep the workouts and hope to make it through them all one day!

I haven’t been following the meal plans, but have been  trying to eat clean.  Some days are better than others, but Im hanging in there!

So, I hope you will continue reading.  I look forward to sharing my adventures with everyone 🙂


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