Motivation Monday: Sugar detox in June

First of all, for anyone who read my post yesterday, thanks for bearing with me for a bit of an emotional moment.  Hey, Im human.  It happens.

But I thought I would do a post introducing my goal for the month of June (starting today).  I decided to jump on board with a *modified* version of the 21-day sugar detox.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 1.19.06 PM


For those of you who have never heard of this, the 21-Day Sugar Detox is a 21-day (duh) program developed by Diane Sanfilippo, a Holistic Nutritionist and author of the book “Practical Paleo.”  The point is to beat sugar and carbohydrate cravings by basically eliminating them from the diet for three weeks (or drastically reducing them in terms of carbohydrates).

If anyone is interested all the information is in an e-book you can buy online, and for someone considering doing something like this I would highly recommend it!

Here is the guidelines of the foods that you can and can’t eat, and those you should limit:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.01.09 PM


Now, I am planning on making several modifications with this program.  Im going to make it a little more flexible, and plan on doing it for the rest of the month.  So instead of the entire “detox” Im going to follow the above guidelines about 90%.  Here are my modifications to what is on the sheet above:

  • I’m including nonfat dairy, which is technically a no-n0.
  • Im not necessarily going to limit my consumption of “starchy” vegetables such as butternut squash.
  • Im letting myself have more than one serving of fruit per day, and am going to include fruits such as berries, peaches, etc.  (Hellllllo, it’s summer and the fruit is AMAZING right now).
  • Im going to make sure I eliminate gluten, but will let myself have gluten-free grains that are not included on the above list.
  • I will still use a small amount of stevia in my tea.  It will keep me from hating my life.
  • I am going to drink wine.  Sue me.

So really, it would probably be MUCH simpler to say what I wont have!  That includes any refined grains, potatoes, corn, etc., any added sugar, artificial sweeteners except stevia, and all gluten.

I will always suffer from a “sweet tooth,” but it actually hasn’t really been out of control lately.  But I want some time to focus on my diet, and see if sugar, artificial sweeteners and gluten may be contributing to some of the fatigue, trouble sleeping and moodiness I have been experiencing…for well, the past several years.

So I will try to keep some updates going about how it is going.  Ive survived day 1 with no major problems.  I will say that being home in VA and having my dad available to grill every night makes following this a lot easier!  Im going to have to break out the George Foreman when I get back to PA.  Yes, Im 31 years old and still use a Foreman grill..thats what happens when you go to grad school forever and are still living in an apartment with no deck/porch.

If anyone wants to join me you are more than welcome.  Time to say BUH BYE to sugar!!!


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