Current obsessions

So I am a total creature of habit.  And once I find something I love, I am typically at least temporarily obsessed.  So…here are a few of my current favorite things:



After dealing with injuries for a few months, I feel like Im FINALLY starting to get back on track.  Ran my first race yesterday in 6 months.  Didn’t come close to a PR, but considering my current training (or lack thereof, to be more specific), Im fairly happy with the results.  And even more importantly, it gave me the motivation I need to crack down and take running more seriously again.  I have a 5k time in my mind I want to hit, and it might never happen, but Im ready to give it a try!  I know that my VO2 max is finally on the decline (stupid 31st birthday) and its now or never 😉

Sorry for the nerd alert there…

So keep your fingers crossed Im not posting in two weeks that I hate running and my IT band.  But for now Im just rolling with it.  Only time will tell!



Quest Bars

Ive been reading a lot about these, and finally decided to seek some out the other day.  And they are pretty delicious.  Very high in protein and fiber, no gluten or sugar.  Unfortunately they are also very high in price.  But I think it is going to be my new “treat.”



OMG I love strawberry season.  I am currently obsessed.  Im eating them at every meal, and putting them on EVERYTHING.  This is a pic of my breakfast this morning:  Cottage cheese, chia seeds, protein powder, some unsweetened coconut, little bit of a chopped chocolate Quest bar (yep, combining obsessions here) and of course, strawberries!  Not going to lie, I may have shed a tear when it was all gone.


Fruit-flavored green tea

Ever since I had to give up coffee about two years ago (stupid stomach) I have tried to find various green tea blends to perk me up in the morning.  I thought this would be a perfect summer beverage, and I was right.  I will drink it hot (with a little stevia and almond milk…yes I put milk in my green tea, apparently I’m British or something) in the morning, and iced for lunch.  Super YUM!


THIS balsamic vinegar

My dad had this….and I may have stolen it from him (don’t worry, he can replace it).  Just simply amazing.  If you like balsamic vinegar and have access to trader joes, go buy this STAT.


This sweet face

Ok, ok, I know I am always obsessed with the pug.  But ever since I finished with the spring term I have actually been able to spend time with Molly.  She was my travel partner over the past few weeks, and we had plenty of time to hang out in Virginia.

So there are my current obsessions.  Some of them stick around for weeks/months/years, and some will be replaced in a few days.  Just how I roll.

So now Im going to take the pug dog for a walk, and on the way home try to get my hands on some more strawberries!!!!


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