Motivation monday: One step at a time



It really is simple.  Just run.

For me, this has been the one thing I could hold on to through the past few years.  I moved away from my family and friends in Virginia, started (and finished!) a doctoral program in Pittsburgh, and then moved to Erie to take a job as an assistant professor.  Stress much?  Ummm yeah, lets just say that this was my mantra over the past few years….


Most people who know me for any length of time know how important this is to me.  No matter how busy I was at work, my fellow grad students and co-workers have always known when to say to me “its OK Annie…just go run.  You need to.”  They knew I wouldn’t be any help until after I laced up my sneakers and had at least 30 minutes to myself, with nothing but my iPod and the road.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a mileage junkie.  I typically only run 3 times per week.  But those three times per week keep me sane!

And, as I have complained about in the past, those three times per week were not really happening this winter.  Stupid f’ing injuries.

But, I feel like things are slooooowly starting to fall back into place, one step at a time (literally).  This weekend I did a small 5k which was the first race I have done since new years day.  I had no idea what to expect.  I told myself I was just going to take it at a moderate pace and see how I felt.

Haha…I should have known myself better than that!  Of course I ran somewhat conservative the first mile.  And then I played my favorite game:  try to pass as many women in front of me as I can!  Im happy to report that I caught a few, and was *only* about 2 minutes off of my PR.  For those of you who speak runner, you know that is a lot.  But considering my current training status, Im actually pretty happy with that.  And, the competition was pretty slim at the race, so I got second in my age group.  It at least provided a confidence boost if nothing else.


So basically, Im finally starting to feel like myself.  Not sure what my future holds with running, but Im hoping that this next year my running shoes and I can have a better relationship!

See you at the finish line 🙂


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