Motivation Monday: Scheduling workouts during busy times!

Well, I think it is safe to say that summer vacation is over for me.  For the next 7 weeks I am teaching 4 mornings a week, and two of the days include labs.  So life is about to get a lot busier here in these parts!

But after a good month of very few responsibilities, it actually feels good to get back to being productive.  So this morning I started the week out on a good note, with a nice sweaty Tabata session on the elliptical.



Then the whirlwind began at 8am…

Luckily, I have a plan going into this week.  I did some food prep yesterday, and now that I am busy during the day it is suddenly easier to get myself out of bed at 5am to workout.

This is definitely my summer to get back in shape!  Im still in decent shape, but not where I want to be for running speed and body composition.  I have some goals in my head, and while most people benefit from putting them down on paper, Ill just say that I want to PR in the 5k and 10k this year.  I have some times in mind, but I worry that if I spread those around I will become a spaz about times and likely just end up injured from pushing hard.  So I will just update if those PRs do happen!

But what I WILL put down on paper is my workout plan for the week:

  • Monday –  Cross train (CHECK)
  • Tuesday – 30 minute run and CX works class (or upper body/core conditioning on my own if other obligations prevent me from making the class)
  • Wednesday  – spin class!
  • Thursday – Run and kettlebells
  • Friday – Some form of cross training depending on how Im feeling…might just be taking a long walk if the weather is nice
  • Saturday – 5k race!  And no, I do not expect to PR at this one.
  • Sunday – off

So I am starting the week off on a positive note.  I think summer teaching is going to take more time than I hoped, but Im determined to make working out and eating an even bigger priority than it had been.

Hope everyone else is having an awesome Monday!



2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Scheduling workouts during busy times!

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