Summer school and strawberries

Lets just say the past week of my life has been filled with two things:  Teaching a summer class, and a HUGE box’o  strawberries.


And Im not going to lie, the strawberries definitely make up for the summer school!  Last week I went strawberry picking for the first time and came home with a big box of them. WOOOOHOOOO.

For some reason I have been particularly obsessed with strawberries this year.  I just cant get enough of them!

So took them home, and washed them (soaked them in vinegar per pinterest and a friend’s reccomendation) and laid some out to dry and freeze.  Note that the strawberries in the bowl below were only about 1/2 of what I picked!

IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0850

The rest I used in a jam and muffin recipe…they weren’t the most photogenic things in the world so I will spare you.

In other news, Ive been crazy busy with summer school.  Im teaching exercise physiology for the second time, so I figured that it would be pretty easy in terms of the prep since I already taught it once.  BIG. FAT. LIE.  I should know better than to entertain such notions!  Of course there was stuff I didn’t like from my first time teaching that I wanted to change.  And change = work.  New labs, new guidelines, new documents….you get the picture.  BUT I will say that while this week was pretty crazy I think I have a lot of the initial work done and should MOSTLY be tweaking lectures for the next few weeks.   But Im not getting my hopes up.

Molly tries to help as much as she can….


But she isnt much work when it comes to prepping my lectures….


So on top of everything else, Im trying to still focus on working out and getting back in running shape.  Strength training has (again) taken a back road, but my runs are starting to feel better.  So since things are so busy (and the weather has been AMAZING right now) Im trying to focus on running 3x per week, and doing SOMETHING else the other three days that involve moving.  I went into this week with a plan, and have pretty much stuck to it.  But on days where it is 70 degrees and a bright blue sky (and my dog has been neglected due to summer class prep) Im saying “screw spinning” and taking her to the park.  And I dont feel guilty about it.  I will have PLENTY of time to catch up on indoor activity starting in October…

Now I need to schedule some time to go pick some more strawberries!!!!


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