Fresh foods and recipes

Well summer is slowly coming to an end.  At least I hope the end will be ssssssllllllllooooooooowwwwww and we will still have a little bit of warm weather and a long and glorious fall.  Lets be positive people!

Anyway, the point that one of the best parts of the end of summer is the bounty of fresh, locally grown (and cheap) fruits and veggies.  And I am personally in healthy eating heaven!  Some people may look forward to superbowl sunday treats or christmas cookies….but I am most content when my fridge is overflowing with fresh produce.

So I haven’t written much about this, but I signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share this year.  Each week I get a bag full of whatever they picked that week at the farm.

In the beginning this was a little…err…challenging as for a few weeks we got a huge bags full of nothing but greens!  I mean, I love lettuce and kale as much as the next girl, but some weeks it was a little out of control:

IMG_0865 IMG_0950

Luckily I found I have a hidden love for collard greens, and managed to blanch and freeze several bunches to break out in the bleakness of winter.

But recently things have gotten a little lot more interesting!  Here is this week’s bag.  I could barely carry it upstairs…


What was inside?????


Here we have a cantaloupe, several apples, spaghetti squash, regular tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, cucumber, a zucchini, peppers, broccoli and beets/beet greens.

I havent used much so far, but here was some of my food prep for the week:

IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014

I just chopped up the zucchini and larger tomatoes and cooked them up in the grill pan with just a little bit of Trader Joe’s “Everyday Seasoning.”  I go through several containers of this a year.  Thank goodness I go back to Pittsburgh frequently enough to re-stock!

I also had some corn I roasted and then cut off the cob (random fact about me….I hate corn ON the cob.  But cut it of and Im a happy, happy girl).  I didn’t get corn in my CSA, but they were selling it for @2.50/half dozen at the farmers market across the street…and I couldn’t resist.  So now these veggies are prepped and can easily be added as side dishes or to salads, etc.

I did also do some “real” cooking the other night, and finally got to try out a recipe that I have been coveting for quite some time, yet has just been sitting on my Pinterest board. I made Thai Turkey Burgers with Peanut Sauce by Iowa Girl Eats, and then also found this recipe for Lemon-Lime Cilantro Spaghetti Squash to help me work on my squash supply and use up some of the cilantro as well.


Both were super yummy.  I made a few changes to the turkey burgers, but nothing really worth  noting.  I say stick with Kristin’s recipe and adapt to suit your own needs.  The spaghetti squash was also great, except I think my squash was on the smallish side so there was a little too much lemon and lime juice.  But thats my own fault!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the “end of summer” bounty.  I guess it’s a consolation prize for the academic year starting again?

If anyone has any recipes to share please do!